Yearbook Update

Dear Kenbrook Community,

The 2020 Kenbrook Yearbook is still under construction. 

You can still order a copy online (new deadline: June 12).

If you have difficulty ordering online, please reach out to    

You can still share pictures to be considered for the yearbook. To upload pictures go to:

We especially need of pictures for the following classrooms and events:

  • Riley – Kindegarten
  • Schumaker – 1st
  • Wasilewskiu – 1st
  • Morden – 2nd
  • Turney – 2nd
  • St. Andrew / Zurawski – 3rd
  • Butler – 4th
  • Lindenberg – 4th
  • Williams – 5th
  • Multi-Age Classrooms
  • LOC
  • Enchanted Hike
  • Enrichments
  • Band/Orchestra (we especially need GROUP pictures if possible as the Lifetouch group photos for Band and Orchestra did not turn out as expected and we did not get a chance to re-take before school closure)

With our early school closure, we have created a section to highlight our time apart.  We are requesting pictures of your students learning, video calling, and playing at home.

To share pictures, please go to  If possible, please upload pictures under the respective classroom/event to help us identify and sort the pictures.

We are currently looking at a tentative distribution of later this summer. Stay tuned! 


Kenbrook Yearbook Committee

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