FUN RUN 2018

The FUN RUN is Kenbrook PTA’s biggest fundraiser of the year and it takes place FRIDAY, October 12th!

Here are the blocks of time that the students are involved in Fun Run. 

 8:50 AM –  9:40 AM 5th grade 

 9:05 AM –  9:55 AM 2nd grade

 9:20 AM – 10:10 AM 3rd grade

 9:35 AM – 10:25 AM Kindergarteners

 9:50 AM – 10:40 AM 1st grade

10:05 AM – 10:55 AM 4th grade


Here is the Fun Run in a nutshell:

Basically, in the 50 minute time slot, for each grade, they will:

  • Go to the Warm-up zone (exit school thru K or 5th grade doors) and stretch, etc. with our parent helpers.
    Approx. 10-15 mins.
  • Go to the Big field for their Fun Run Jog time: 10 mins. for K-2 and 15 mins. for 3-5 with organization, it will take approx. 15-20 mins.
  • Go to Blacktop/tables to: Turn in rubber-bands (which count their laps) and get that recorded
  • Get water bottle and snack
  • Have Dance Party/go on Playground (approx 15 mins)


*** Volunteers Needed ***

Please visit the Sign-up Genius and choose a job that can help us have a successful morning.  Every little bit helps!

This year, the PTA is once again partnering with The Get Movin Crew to bring the fundraiser online.  With the personalized individual web pages students are able to reach out to faraway friends/family to help them meet their fundraising goals.  Online or in-school (cash and check) donations are accepted and they will all be merged into online reports to show the student’s progress towards their goal.

Head on over to the Get Movin Crew Kenbrook site to see the total amount raised school-wide, to create a parent login and register your student(s).

KENBROOK Fun Run Rewards!

Kenbrook has fantastic STUDENT INCENTIVES.

Everyone has the opportunity to earn monster clip-ons and other awesome rewards!

Individual Goal Rewards

  • Students are encouraged to reach their individual donation goal of $50.00
  • Register at = Earn your first monster clip-on
  • Start collecting monster clip-ons – 1 monster for every $25 earned!
  • Raise $25 = 1 monster
  • Raise $50 = 2 monsters
  • Raise $100= 4 monsters

Go Above and  Beyond – Be a Koala Superstar!

  • Raise $200 = 8 monsters!
  • Top student will have the honor of covering one of the Kenbrook staff with whipped cream and cherries on top! Plus receive a Zap Zone Pass!

Kenbrook’s Overall Goal
When the whole school works together as a team everyone WINS! If we reach our overall school goal of $14,000, we will have a Celebration Assembly where students will be recognized for their donation efforts. All students will be congratulated for their healthy habits and participation.

BEST OF ALL!  A member of our Kenbrook staff will be turned into a Human Ice Cream Sundae!  Yep, the top two students from each grade will pour ice cream, chocolage sauce, strawberry sauce, and candy sprinkles ALL over their head in front of everyone! Top student will have the honor of piling whipped cream and cherries on top!

It’s FUN for students to get moving for their school, and these incentives make it even more FUN!

Don’t stop collecting donations! We urge you to go above and beyond. Students can continue getting online donations, or bring their donations to school up to October 19th.

Use the online fundraising webpages! They’re FAST and EASY!

Don’t forget to use the share tools located on the student webpage. It’s easy to rally donation support from anywhere in the world via Email and/or Social Media.

Our goal is to make this school year the BEST EVER for every Kenbrook student!  Thank you for your generous support!


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