About Us

What is the PTA?

PTA stands for Parent-Teacher Association. The PTA is the largest volunteer child advocacy association in the nation. The overall purpose of PTA is to provide a powerful voice for all children, a relevant resource for families and communities, and be a strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child. The Kenbrook PTA has a governing board of six PTA members. Executive Board positions are one year terms and may be held by any PTA member.


What’s Kenbrook PTA’s purpose?

Our purpose is to supplement and enrich Kenbrook Elementary School’s students and staff by helping provide events, activities, volunteers, and funding. PTA helps bridge parent and staff communication and helps maintain a sense of community.

What do we do? Here is a list of many of the programs that the PTA sponsors.


How does the PTA do it?

The PTA is able to do all this with money and volunteers. The money is obtained from family memberships and fundraising. Volunteers are family members of the students. Without enough money and volunteers, the PTA cannot sponsor all of these great programs.


How can you help?

Join the PTA and volunteer. There is a Membership Drive at the beginning of every year in which a form comes home in your child’s backpack. Forms can also be obtained at any time from the membership chairperson (see contact info. at top). Your PTA membership is good for one school year. If every parent donated 1 to 2 hours of time per school year, we would have enough volunteers to run all of our programs. For working parents, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities that can be done when it is convenient for your schedule.


Why Join the PTA?

The number one priority for parents is their children’s well-being. More than 30 years of research has proven that children do better when their parents are involved both at home and at school. Grades and test scores climb. Self-esteem grows. Schools improve. The PTA provides information and resources that strengthen the connections between children, parents, schools, and the community.


Why do we fundraise?

All of the money that we raise goes towards programs that enrich the educational experience of the students and/or support the school staff. The PTA holds a variety of fundraisers throughout the year, with the expectation that each family will participate in the fundraisers that are appropriate for their individual family. Our most important fundraiser is the Kenbrook Fun Run, scheduled for early October. We ask for pledges from each student to cover the per child cost of our programs and events.


Please support your child and Kenbrook by becoming involved in PTA. The first step toward a stronger school community is completing and returning the form below to let us know your interests.

Thank you!